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[09 Jun 2021|02:04pm]


It feels oddly...okay. Maybe I should take that as a sign. Feels more like a relief than anything, maybe I should hang up my RP hat for good? Focus on real life instead of stressing over what fictional characters are doing and worrying over trying to make someone else happy just so that they'll continue to write with me. I guess it was fun while it lasted.
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[06 Jun 2021|11:59am]


The irony of this situation is that people have been getting away with bad behavior for quite a while now and the second someone - justifiably - defends themselves, they get raked over the coals for being a big mean meaniehead.

I'm sorry that there are some things that are just not okay in our current cultural environment and someone finally had the audacity to point that out. Maybe if the offensive player in question would not make such an effort to be offensive, it wouldn't have needed to be said.
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[02 Jun 2021|07:43pm]


Oh, no, no character in the whole comm has ever done something like that before... or mentioned specifically at least a dozen times that they'd worked that job... or had something ready to post with them doing that, when the new person says they should do it while I'm not there, everybody piles on them with enthusiasm.

And dozens of comments on their post later, while mine barely get a handful...

Thanks, guys. Really fucking appreciate that.
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Meme from [info]tenofswords [30 May 2021|09:00pm]

Name one of my characters and one of yours. I'll give you a Mountain Goats song that reminds me of them and a 3-5 line explanation of why.
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